2010 Asian Games Tickets on Sale

2010 Asian Games (The 16th Asian Games) ticket sale has begun on May 20th in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province, China.

More than 20,000 Asian Game tickets would go on sale from the 20th of May, which was scheduled as the first phase of ticket-selling, announced officials of the 2010 Asian Games Committee on a press briefing held last Thursday in Guangzhou. The tickets were for 69 matches of 13disciplines, including Table Tennis, Badminton, Athletics, Cycling, Roller Sports, Triathlon, Judo, Wrestling, Gymnastics (rhythmic and trampoline), Shooting (trap), Golf, and Rowing. Tickets released this time take up to 10 percent of all Asian Games tickets, with the remainder available in October.

Ticket Price

The ticket prices are not fixedly set but vary for different matches. It is confirmed that 87 percent of all the tickets for the 2010 Games will range from 10 RMB (USD 1.50) to 400 RMB (USD 58). In order to let more common people enjoy the big event, 45.3 percent of tickets will be rated below 100 RMB (USD15) by the Games Committee. However, those who want to witness the Grand Opening Ceremony would pay much more for one entry, at least from 1,600 RMB (USD 236) to 6,800 RMB (USD 1,000). And the opening and closing ceremony ticket purchasers would also have their names registered on the tickets.

How to Book

There are three ways for visitors to book tickets: the Official Website of the 16th Asian Games, branches of the Industrial and commercial bank of China (ICBC) and book offices in Guangzhou.

The public can log in to the Official Ticketing Website of the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games to book their tickets. Spectators can also apply for tickets at 400 designated ticket sales branches of ICBC across China. No service fee will be charged and a confirmation letter will be sent.

However, it might be a little difficult for foreign ticket buyers to make reservations through the official website because they should have to make register in advance. Comparatively, it is much easier to buy tickets in book offices in Guangzhou, but spectators could probably not manage to get tickets for hot matches such as table tennis and badminton. The most convenient and sufficient way might be booking through an agency.

The 2010 Asian Games, also known as the 16 Asian Games, will be held from November 12 to 27, 2010, in Guangzhou, the biggest and most prosperous city in Southern China. The Games is the second largest sports event in the world, only after the Summer Olympic Games. And it will be the 2nd time that the Asian Game would take place in China, with the first time in 1990 in Beijing. Guangzhou people are striving to stage an exceptional event for the world, and Guangzhou City surely would become a hot destination after the Shanghai World Expo.

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