2010 Shanghai World Expo Multi-day Ticket Sale Ready

Multi-day (3-day, 7-day) tickets for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be available from January 1st, 2010, according to a regular press conference yesterday. Multi-day tickets will allow visitors to enter the Expo at lower per-day prices than buying one-day tickets.

A regular ticket's price is 160 RMB ($ 24), while a 3-day ticket rates at 400 RMB ($ 59 for 3 days multi-entry) and a 7-day ticket at 900 RMB ($ 133 for 7 days multi-entry). Multi-day tickets will be valid for visiting any 3 days or 7 days during the Expo from May 1st to October 31st, apart from Chinese Labor Day, National Day and the Expo ending week.

People can buy tickets at more than 5,300 outlets of appointed four major ticket agents: China Mobile, China Telecom, China Post and the Bank of Communications. People outside China can buy tickets at 15 foreign agents across 18 countries.

An Expo official announced that more than 11.8 million tickets have been sold out, 10% more than expected. He also suggested that visitors should book their tickets as soon as possible because of the huge ticket demand. May and October are expected to be the peak months of the Shanghai Expo. So visitors should avoid the peak time and choose an appropriate time to enjoy the most exciting and attractive global expo.

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