Air China Offers Beijing Roast Duck on Flights to Europe and USA

Beijing Roast Duck is a must-try dish for visitors to Beijing. But the days when it could only be eaten at the table of a roast duck restaurant have gone. Now travelers can also enjoy the delicious duck meat high up in the air, as long as they take a flight of Air China from Beijing to the USA or Europe and choose the first-class cabin. 

Air China has started working with Quanjude, one of the best Beijing Duck suppliers, to offer Beijing Roast Duck on its long-haul routes to Europe and the United States. To provide the authentic Beijing Duck to passengers, the airline has studied together with Quanjude for several months on how to cook Beijing Duck with in-flight cooking equipment. A reliable cooking method has been worked out. Passengers can not only taste the authentic roast duck but also know about its history and origin with the Beijing Duck-specific menu.

With tempting color, crispy skin, and extremely tender meat, the Beijing Roast Duck is simply mouthwatering. Thank Air China, if you missed the chance to eat the delicious dish in Beijing, you might be fortunate to eat it on your flight home!

check out our Beijing Roast Duck Page to find more information about it; You might also have interest in our Beijing tours.

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