August Rush Promotion, Early Payment Earns Lower Price and Hotel Upgrades

August Rush promotion package (9 Days China Golden Triangle Tour)is designated by China Odyssey Tours as a special return to our customers and a welcome to potential clients. With their long-time trust and faithful support, China OdysseyTours has made great progress in providing satisfying China travel services. Now China Odyssey Tours has dozens of best-sell China tour packages created on the basis of hundreds of customer questionnaires and years market research, and also show our excellence and professionalism in tailor-making tours to meet every need of our customers.

In this promotion package, customers will get a lower price and hotel upgrades if they do as the Activities Regulation describes.

Full payment before October 1st, 2010, each group gets a hotel upgrade in every city. (3-star hotels will be upgraded to 4-star; 4-star will be upgraded to 5-star). Full payment before September 1st, 2010, each group gets a big hotel upgrade: choose one city from 3 cities and hotel upgrade to 5 stars. (One 3-star hotel will be upgraded to a 5-star in one city and in the other two cities 3-star hotels can be upgraded to 4 stars). If a group with more than 6 travelers gets their full payment transacted before September 1st, 2010, the price will be from $899 per traveler and all their hotels will be upgraded from 3-star to 4-star.

For the exact itinerary and more details, please see 9 Days China Triangle Tour (Route C).

Rush for the promotion package now, you'll get a big deal. Don't miss it.

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