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August Rush Promotion, Early Payment Earns Lower Price and Hotel Upgrades

August Rush promotion package (9 Days China Golden Triangle Tour) is designatedby China Odyssey Tours as a special return to our customers and a welcome topotential clients. With their long-time trust and faithful support, China OdysseyTours has made great progress in providing satisfying China travel services.Now China Odyssey Tours has dozens of best-sell China tour packages created on thebasis of hundreds of customer questionnaires and years' market researches; and also showour excellence and professionalism in tailor-making tours to meet the everyneed of our customer.

In this promotion package, customers will get  lower price and hotel upgrades if they do as the Activities Regulation describes.

Full payment before October 1st, 2010, each group gets a hotel upgrade in every city. (3 star hotels will be upgraded to 4 star; 4 star will be upgraded to 5 star).Full payment before September 1st, 2010,each group gets a big hotel upgrade: choose one city from 3 cities andhotel upgrade till 5 star. (One 3 star hotel will be upgraded to 5 starin one city and in the other two cities 3 star hotels can be upgradedto 4 star). If a group with more than 6 travelers gets their full payment transacted before September 1st, 2010, the price will be from $899 per traveler and all their hotels will be upgraded from 3 star to 4 star.

For the exact itinerary and more details, please see 9 Days China Triangle Tour (Route C).

August Rush Promotion China Tour Package

Rush for the promotion package now, you'll get a big deal. Don't miss it.

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