Australian Pavilion Travel Guide for Shanghai Expo

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Australian Pavilion Travel Guide for 2010 Expo Shanghai

Australian Pavilion Preview

Theme: Imagination
Highlights: Sculptured Curving Walls and aRed Ochre Exterior
National Pavilion Day: June 8
Pavilion Area: Around 4,800 Square Meters
Within Zone B of the Expo Site

Australian Pavilion Features

Featuring sculptured curving walls and a red ochre exterior, the Australia Pavilion's appearance is inspired by the world-famous Ayer's Rock. The color of the pavilion's red facade is made from the use of a special kind of steel, which is commonly used in Australia cities. It will change colors responding to the temperature and humidity of Shanghai.

Pavilion Display

The pavilion is a fun and relaxed place for people of all ages. Divided into three distinct but inter-related sections labeled "Journey," "Discover" and "Enjoy," the pavilion incorporates almost every aspect of Australian life. These include spectacular landscape, a strong and vibrant economy, rich culture, technological expertise and innovation, outstanding research and education, and Australia's commitment to sustainable development.

Pavilion Highlights

Highlight 1: A Fun Journey

Australia Pavilion takes visitors on a journey of almost every aspect of Australian life. The first part called"Journey" allows visitors to leave behind the bustle of the Expo sites they are drawn into a story depicting Australia's history with interactive and sophisticated exhibits and pictures. The second part features a 1,000-seat theatre, while with the theme of "Enjoy," the final section in the pavilion will provide visitors with a taste of some of Australia's landscape from red deserts to the lush rainforests of the tropical north.

Highlight 2: Mini-documentaries "Sisters"

"Sisters," a series of strong, emotive and personal mini-documentaries, is the heart of Australia's display. It reveals the success stories of 21 inspirational women from Australia and China.It has been designed to display the achievements of individual women, and bring to life the connections, similarities and shared stories between the two countries. These strong, emotive and personal stories demonstrate the ways Australian and Chinese women try to make the world a better place and how individual efforts can make a difference.

Highlight 3: Cultural Performances

Visitors are able to enjoy Australian food and drinks and attend cultural performances featuring the best of Australian art. A range of art forms will be incorporated, including visual arts, performance theatre, multimedia, music, literature and film.

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(Source: 2010 Expo Shanghai Official Website)

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