Enjoy the Yangtze River Cruise, Avoid Flooding

The rainy season of the Yangtze River during July and August could sometimes cause floods. However many people still love to cruise the Yangtze River during the time for the low-season prices and the magnificent water view.

Yangtze River is world-renowned for its magnificent river stretches, mountains, and cliffs, as well as its historic and modern man-made marvels. But, if flooding comes, the tour could be risky. China has invested tremendously in predicting and controlling the Yangtze flooding, and normally the waterway will be shut when flooding is expected to come. If you are planning to take a Yangtze cruise during July and August, make sure to double-check the water situation of the Yangtze River with your travel consultant at China Odyssey Tours. Our responsible and caring travel consultant will keep you informed about the situation, and amend itinerary proposals when necessary.

The current situation of the Yangtze River:

The water level at Chongqing and Yichang sections is now above the normal water level. Tourists are recommended to board the cruising boats early.

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