Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Rail Ticket Prices and Travelling Tips

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Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Rail, the world’s longest high-speed rail, will begin to take passengers from June 30th, 2011. The ticket prices of the high-speed rail were announced by Chinese railway authorities recently and some useful traveling tips were advised as well.

Ticket Prices

The trains of Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway are divided into two kinds: ones running at a speed of 300 km an hour; the others 250 km an hour. So the ticket prices vary for different trains. And three kinds of seats (deluxe business seats, first-class seats, economical seats) are provided on each train. Thus passengers can choose the seats that suit them. Detailed prices are as follows:

Ticket Prices for High-Speed Rail Trains (300 km per hour)

Departing StationArriving StationEconomical Seats (RMB)First-class Seats (RMB)Deluxe Business Seats (RMB)
Beijing SouthShanghai Hongqiao5559351750
Beijing SouthKunshan South5359001690
Beijing SouthSuzhou North5258851655
Beijing SouthWuxi East5158651620
Beijing SouthChangzhou North4958301555
Beijing SouthDanyang North4808101520
Beijing SouthZhenjiang South4707901480
Beijing SouthNanjing South4457501405
Beijing SouthChuzhou4207101330
Beijing SouthDingyuan3956651250
Beijing SouthBangbu South3756301180
Beijing SouthSuzhou East3405701065
Beijing SouthXuzhou East310420975
Beijing SouthZaozhuang285475890
Beijing SouthTengzhou East270450845
Beijing SouthQufu East245410770
Beijing SouthTaian215360675
Beijing SouthJinan West185315590
Beijing SouthDezhou East145245455
Beijing SouthCangzhou West95165305
Beijing SouthTianjin South5595175
Beijing SouthLangfang304585

Ticket Prices for High-Speed Rail Trains (250 km per hour)

Departing StationArriving StationEconomical Seats (RMB)First-class Seats (RMB)Deluxe Business Seats (RMB)
Beijing SouthShanghai Hongqiao4106501220
Beijing SouthKunshan South3956251175
Beijing SouthSuzhou North3856101145
Beijing SouthWuxi East3756001120
Beijing SouthChangzhou North3555701070
Beijing SouthDanyang North3455551040
Beijing SouthZhenjiang South3355401010
Beijing SouthNanjing South315505950
Beijing SouthChuzhou300475895
Beijing SouthDingyuan280445835
Beijing SouthBangbu South265420785
Beijing SouthSuzhou East235375705
Beijing SouthXuzhou East215340640
Beijing SouthZaozhuang195310580
Beijing SouthTengzhou East185290550
Beijing SouthQufu East165265495
Beijing SouthTaian145230430
Beijing SouthJinan West125200375
Beijing SouthDezhou East95155290
Beijing SouthCangzhou West65105195
Beijing SouthTianjin South4060115
Beijing SouthLangfang203055

Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Rail Traveling Tips

1. Booking Tips

If you’re going to take the high-speed rail, you are required to show valid certificate (IDs, passports) while buying tickets and boarding the train.

If you ask someone to book the tickets for you, you have to provide copies of your valid certificate.

2. Telephone Reservation

Passengers could book tickets via reservation hotline, but this is only applicable to reserve tickets for trains that depart in 3 days. In addition, you will have to get your tickets at stations or travel agencies in 24 hours after your telephone call. If you don’t get tickets in 24 hours, your telephone reservation will be canceled.

For those who want to reserve tickets for more than 3 days, they should go to the railway station to buy your tickets directly. According to the railway regulation, they could reserve tickets for trains that depart in 10 days there.

Reservation Hotline: 95105105.

3. Refunding Policy

If you want to refund a ticket, you have to go to the railway station and complete the refunding at least 2 hours before the train leaves. And you will be charged for 20 percent of your ticket price as the refunding fee.

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