Best Places to See Fall Foliage in China

It’s the leaf-peeping time of the year again! Autumn paints most parts of China with abundant colors: the flaming red of maple trees, the yellow and orange of poplars, birches, ginkgoes, and other species... you won’t want to miss these hot spots for appreciating fall colors.

Jiuzhai Valley, Sichuan

It goes without saying that Jiuzhai Valley in Sichuan is one of the most well-known places in China when it comes to fall foliage - the world heritage site is renowned for its breathtaking scenery of multi-level waterfalls, colorful forests, and Tibetan culture. The scenery is at its best in autumn, especially from middle October to early November. The valley treats peepers with riotous color displays - the leaves turn yellow or red while the numerous lakes and ponds produce different colors according to their depths, angles, and surroundings.

Fragrance Hills Park, Beijing

An inviting forest of red leaves entices leaf-peepers to the Fragrance Hills Park, 20 km from downtown Beijing. The park is one of the most famous places in China for admiring red leaves. Every year from the middle of October to early November, the park is painted red by leaves which last up to one month. Built in 1186, the park is also attached to cultural relics like pavilions, and temples. An 18-minute cable car ride takes tourists to the top of the Fragrance hills while enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

Great Wall, Beijing

The Great Wall winding through most parts of northern China is one of the world’s most awe-inspiring man-made projects. No trip to China is completed without a visit to the Great Wall. The wall has endured centuries of seasons and most travelers choose to explore it from Beijing. During the months of October and November. The fading lights and frosty weather combine to create a spectacular foliage display at the Great Wall. Leaves started turning red at the Badaling Great Wall last week, which lured flocks of tourists to admire the scenery.

Kanas Lake, Xinjiang

Autumn’s grandeur spreads across the Kanas Lake in northern Bu’erjin County of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in Northwest China. Situated 1,374 meters above sea level, it is nestled in deep forests and mountains. As September comes, leaves of poplars and birches turn yellow from green and then turn red from yellow. Smoke curls up from the wooden huts of Kazakhs and wraps around the branches. Under the brilliant autumn sunshine, the Kanas Lake presents a color between blue and green with mists floating above the water and snow-capped mountains as the backdrop…


Longji Rice Terraces, Guilin, Guangxi

For the fans of fall color, Longji is their dreamland. The months from September to November are the best time to see the fall color of Longji Rice Terraces in Guilin. The entire mountain area is covered in the golden color of rice plants, extending beyond the eyes can reach. This scene is breathtaking. Once you have got there, no matter how many efforts are made and how much sweat is shed, they are all worthwhile.

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