Bird's Nest Became a Winter Wonderland

Bird's Nest, China's famed National Stadium, has been reinvented as a winter wonderland since December 16th, 2009 in the heart of Beijing.

Mounds of artificial snow, mini ski slopes, and skating rinks now can be seen in the arena, awaiting the scores of local visitors and tourists who are expected to flock to the snow festival to reacquaint themselves with the world-famous Nest. The "Happy Snow and Ice Season" kicked off last weekend, which was the opening ceremony of the Winter Wonderland. A 65-foot-high snow mountain served as the backdrop for a snow stage on which rock concerts will be held during the Christmas and the Chinese New Year periods.

The new winter wonderland provides a fun, interesting, snow world for locals and tourists to explore during the coming festivals. Locals are happy to not go far to have winter funs; visitors, especially children, are excited about the idea of skiing in the stadium. Some even try an exotic dance on the ice and snow with melodious music. Other winter funs such as skating, snow fighting, and viewing snow sculptures also could be fully enjoyed here.

Visiting snowy Bird's Nest and playing winter games have become one highlight of Beijing winter tours.

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Background Knowledge of Bird's Nest:

Bird's Nest is China's National Stadium. It is the main stadium of the 29th Olympiad in Beijing 2008, in which the Grand Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games and a series of events were held successfully. 

The stadium covers an area of 21 hectares, with 91,000 seats. The main body of the National Stadium is a colossal saddle-shaped elliptic steel structure 333 meters long, 294 meters wide, and 69 meters tall. The main body's elements support each other and converge into a grid formation, just like a bird's nest with interlocking branches and twigs. It takes 4 years' hard work to complete this magnificent architecture.

Bird's Nest has become an architectural landmark and the Olympic legacy of China. There is no Beijing Tour complete without a visit to Bird's Nest. 

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