Cableway of Mt. Huangshan Will Be Suspended for Renovation

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For those who want to admire the winter scenery of Mt. Huangshan, here is a piece of news for you. According to a report from Odyssey local office in Huangshan, the Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area is planning to close its three cableways alternatively for annual renovation. Here is the exact arrangement:

-The Taiping Cable Way will be closed from Nov.11 to Dec.1, 2013.

-The Yungu (Cloud Valley) Cable Way will be closed from Dec.2 to Dem. 17, 2013.

-The Jade Screen Cable Way will be closed from Dec.18 to Dec.29.

When one cableway is closed, the other two are open. So cableway is available for people who want to save time and energy in Huangshan Scenic Spot. Just choose the right cableway according to time. Usually, in our tour package, we choose the Yungu (Cloud Valley) Cable Way, which costs less time than the other two. Of course, during the renovation time, we'll arrange other cableways for our customers.

These three ways would open to the public from 8:00 to16:00 in winter, and from 6:30 to 16:30 in the other seasons. Also, Read Tips of Huangshan Mountain Tour in Winter.

China Odyssey Tours’ 3-Day Classic Huangshan Mountain Tour includes cable car rides up and down Mt. Huangshan, and ancient villages of Hongcun and Xidi. You can also watch the sunrise and sunset in the mountains as you’ll stay overnight at the summit on the second day.

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