China Airlines Raised Fuel Surcharge

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Chinese airlines have raised fuel surcharge since April 7, 2011, which is a corresponding means adopted by air companies to cope with the impact of soaring oil prices.

Starting from the second week of April, the surcharge for each passenger flying less than 800 kilometers has risen to RMB 60 from the previous RMB 50; at the meantime, for those traveling more than 800 kilometers by air, airline companies have re-rated the surcharge from the original RMB 90 to the current RMB 110, according to the regulation released by China National Development and Reform Commission days before.

The rise of fuel surcharge will definitely increase the expenses of air traveling. Thus flight-takers should be aware of such price changes in advance.

Tips for China Air Travelers

There are dozens of airline companies in China that handle domestic and international flights. Discount air tickets are provided by various air companies from time to time. How to get discount tickets then? The following are some clues:

Make an early booking

Some airlines provide discount air tickets for those who make early bookings. So the earlier you confirm your reservation, the lower price you would be possible to get. The preferable booking time is one or two months before traveling.

Avoid traveling on holidays or festivals

It is common to see travel crowds on holidays or festivals in China's airports, railway stations, and bus stations. Traveling at that moment could be less comfortable than usual, and nearly no discount air tickets would be provided by airlines at the peak travel periods. So it will be wise to travel on working days, not holidays or festivals.

Resort to a travel agency

If you are too busy to stare at the computer screen for air ticket prices that vary each hour, you could resort to a travel agency. What you only need to do is telling your travel plan & budget and asking them to make the booking when discounts are available. The tickets would be cheaper than that you get by yourself.

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