Dazu International Airsports and Tourism Festival Ready to Go

The 1st China Dazu International Airsports and Tourism Festival will start from October 4 to 6, 2010 at Longshuihu Resort in Dazu County of Chongqing City, the home to the famous Dazu Rock Carvings, co-announced by Dazu County and Chongqing Municipal Sports Bureau on a press conference last Friday.

An official also added three world-known aerobatic teams would present exciting aero shows then, which were soon regarded by many as the highlight of the festival. To be exact, the August 1st (Biyi) Aerobatic Team of PLA Air Force will stage their fantastic parachuting show, which is famed as the elegant "Sky Ballet"; Yakovelvs Display Team and Aerosuperbatics Wing-walking Team, both from Britain, will show off their thrilling aerobatic programs, such as the terrific wing-walking on the planes flying at the speed of 240 km per hour.

Visitors could enjoy these spectacles at the viewing stands or by taking a cruise on the picturesque Longshuihu Lake where the planes will roar over.

Besides aerobatics, the visitors could also take part in other series of activities like the China Hardware Expo, the Dazu souvenir exhibition, concerts, the Dazu food festival and folk performances. Appreciating the amazing aerobatic shows, sampling the flavored snacks at the food festival, close contact with Chinese popular bands and music, and trying your hands at the folk performing, all make your visit memorable and worthwhile.

Want to attend the Festival? Customize a Dazu Tour to enjoy the amazing festive activities and marvel at the incomparable arts of Dazu Rock Carvings.

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