China Eastern Airlines opens flights to Tibet

China's first commercial flight to Tibet will be launched recently. The flight, going from Kunming to Nyingchi, will help passengers gradually get used to the highland climate. Nyingchi Airport might become the first stop for air passengers to arrive in Tibet, the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China said.

On May 29, China Eastern Airlines Yunnan Branch launched the first trial flight of a Boeing 737-700 from Kunming to Nyingchi. The flight was very successful.

Due to its unique highland geographical feature, the climate in Nyingchi is very changeable, making the airport there one of the most difficult airports for airplanes to land and take off. As the climate is harsh there, construction of the control center was very difficult. Due to the changeable climate, flights to and from Nyingchi Airport were often delayed in the past.

During the trial flight, the Boeing 737-700 plane from China Eastern Airlines landed at Nyingchi Airport safely after 1 hour and 50 minutes flight from Kunming. It accomplished its task on time.

After the successful trial flight, China Eastern Airlines will formally launch the first commercial flight to Nyingchi shortly. By then, four Boeing 737s will fly the route.

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