2015 China Holiday Schedule Released

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The 2015 China Public Holiday Schedule has been released. As usual, there are 7 official holidays, including the just-past New Year's Day and the upcoming Chinese New Year Holiday (Spring Festival). During these holidays, Chinese people have days off to celebrate or relax.

For travelers, these holidays means not only fireworks and festivities but also travel challenges like huge crowds and higher prices.  It's wise to take a look at the holiday schedule below and plan your 2015 China tour accordingly.

2015 China Public Holiday Schedule





Festive Activities

New Year's Day

Jan. 1 to 3

3 days

The beginning of a new year based on the Gregorian calendar.

Visiting relatives and friends; New Year parties.

Spring Festival

Feb. 18 to 24

7 days

Chinese Lunar New Year, an occasion for family reunion.

Family reunion dinner; Spring Festival galas; visiting relatives & friends; traditional cultural shows.

Qingming Festival

Apr. 4 to 6

3 days

Tomb Sweeping Day, for commemorating the dead.

Sweeping family gravesites and burning paper money;

Labor Day

May. 1 to 3

3 days

China's celebration of International Labor Day.

Cultural performances dedicated to laborers.

Dragon Boat Festival

Jun. 20 to 22

3 days

A festival in memory of Quanyuan, a famous patriotic poet.

Dragon boat racing; eating zongzi (rice dumplings)

Mid-Autumn Day

Sept. 26 to 27

3 days

A day for Chinese family reunions and to worship the Moon and Chinese Goddess Chang E.

Moon worshipping ceremony; eating moon cakes; appreciating the Moon & lyric compositions; lantern fair.

National Day

Oct. 1 to 7

7 days

The celebration of the founding of P. R. China.

National Day parade; folk song competitions, etc.

Crowds of people in the Forbidden City in BeijingIn China, the holiday is synonymous with crowds. The photo was taken at Forbidden City, Beijing.

Holiday Periods to Be Avoided for Travelling in 2015

1. Spring Festival Travel Rush

Period: Feb.4 - Mar. 15, 2015

The 2015 Spring Festival Travel Rush will begin soon. During the rush period, people rush to buy tickets for returning home to spend Spring Festival with their families and many also spare some time to go to tourist attractions with their families. Foreigners in China will find crowds everywhere and congested transportation, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and other big tourist cities. It's advisable to avoid this period when planning a tour or make an arrangement as early as possible.

2.  Golden Week at the beginning of October

Period: Sep. 29 - Oct. 10, 2015

Every year at the beginning of October, Chinese people have 7-day off for the celebration of Chinese National Day.  Many people travel to domestic cities or return home, causing crowds everywhere and increased prices for hotels, meals, and transport. 

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