2011 China International Tourism Commodities Fair to be Held in June

2011 China International Tourism CommoditiesFair will take place from June 24 to 27 in the China International Commerce & Trade Town in Yiwu City, 140 kilometers south of Hangzhou City, in Zhejiang Province of Eastern China.

Sponsored by China National Tourism Administration and Zhejiang Provincial People's Government, China InternationalTourism Commodities Fair is the largest tourism commodities fair in the GreaterChina area, aiming to provide an international platform for the development of tourism commodities and cultivating the market by means of exhibition, exchange, assessment, and trade. Various tourism commodities such as tourism equipment, hotel articles, souvenirs, food, and tourism goods will be exhibited on the fair for trade. In the meantime, a series of other events will take onstage as scheduled during the Fair period. Shopping Day, Beer Festival and GourmetFestival will assure fair visitors of memorable entertainment experiences; TourismCommodities Competition and Tourism Product Research and Development Forum will present visitors an excellent opportunity to approach the advanced tourism equipment and leading technologies.

The fair and accessorial activities will function by the purpose of "Expanding the Function of Tourism Industry, Accelerating the Innovation of Tourism Products, Promoting the Growth of Domestic Demand", in order to promote the internationalization, specialization, and reputation of the brand of China International Tourism Commodities Fair. "Low-carbon travel products and environment-friendly tourism commodities will make this fair a very exceptional and attractive one, compared with similar fairs in the world", said one official of the Fair Organizing Committee, "Only here in Yiwu City can you see and get the latest and most valuable items."

The International Commerce & Trade City of Yiwu City (also called Yiwu International Expo Center or China CommodityCtiy), is the place that is going to host the event. As a four-A scenic area, the trade town is one of the hottest attractions of Zhejiang Province now, famed as "Shopping Paradise".

Yiwu City, located in the middle of Zhejiang Province, is an ancient city with a history of 2229 years, reputed for its profound cultural deposits and developed commodity trade. Having adhered to the strategy of “constructing the city by roaring commodities”, the small city focused on creating a famous international trade city since China's Opening-up. With years of effort, Yiwu people now take great pride in their complete commodity varieties, strong research and development capacity, high radiation force, strong marketing ability, and high employment rate. Often referred to as "A city of Commodities", Yiwu is compared to the Makka to a commodity business. In recent years, Yiwu is becoming a popular travel destination for its beautiful natural beauty, cultural gem, and its countless commodities. The International Tourism Commodities Fair gives tourists and merchants an ideal time to visit the city.

(You can consult our travel experts to customize a tour to Hangzhou and Yiwu to attend the fair.)

More useful tips

1. How to get to Yiwu?

From Shanghai, you could take a coach at Shanghai Railway Station or the Pacific Bus Station to Yiwu. The shuttle buses run at an interval of 1 hour. It will take you almost 6 hours to reach Yiwu, costing RMB100 (USD 15).

You also could take a train to Yiwu from Shanghai Station. There are 42 trains traveling from Shanghai to Yiwu every day. The first train leaves Shanghai at 04:18 in the morning and the last one at 23:57. The ride will take you 3 hours and 30 minutes or so to arrive at Yiwu Station, at the price of RMB 47 (USD 7).

From Hangzhou, you can take an express bus at Hangzhou South Bus Station. There will be an express heading to Yiwu every 15 minutes. And the 2-hour-drive from Hangzhou to Yiwu costs you about RMB 58 (USD 9).

The railway is also available. Three are 60 trains traveling from Hangzhou to Yiwu. The trains could finish the journey only in 1 hour, with a ticket costing RMB 20 (USD 3).

2. How to get to the China International Commerce & Trade Town from Yiwu Bus Station or Railway Station?

The most convenient way is to take a taxi to the Commerce & Trade Town, at the expense of RMB 25 (USD 4) from Yiwu Railway Station and RMB 10 (USD 1.5) from the Bus Station.

The economic way is to take the city bus. From the Railway Station, you could take the No. 801 or No.802 bus to Commerce town; from the Bus Station, the No. 20 or No. 101 Bus could take you there.  

Detailed Exhibition Items

1. Tourism Equipment; 2. Outdoor CampingArticles; 3. Hotel Equipment; 4. Garden &Gardening Equipment; 5. Tourism FashionProducts; 6. Tourism Attire; 7. Tourism Souvenirs; 8. Tourism Food; 9. Tourism ProductsDesign and R&D Outcome Show; 10. Negotiation and communication for Tourism Investment; 11. Exhibition of tourism Planning and Designing Institutions.

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