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2011 China National Public Holiday Schedule

2011 China Public Holiday Schedule was announcedby the State Council of China recently. A glimpse to the schedule will betteryour vacation & traveling in the country, either participating in special culturalactivities or avoiding the festive crowds.

2011 China Public Holiday Schedule





Festive Activities

New Year

Jan. 1 to 3

3 days

To celebrate the beginning of a new year.

New Year resolution; sending postcards & greetings to friends and family members; New Year parties.

Spring Festival

Feb. 2 to 8

8 days

Chinese Lunar New Year, a big time for family reunion.

Family reunion dinner; Spring Festival galas; fireworks shows; visiting relatives & friends; traditional custom shows.

Qingming Festival

Apr. 3 to 5

3 days

To show respect to the dead.

Sweeping family gravesites and burning paper money; flying kites; spring plowing for harvest; drinking yellow wine.

Labor Day

Apr. 30 to May 2

3 days

The same with western countries.

Cultural performances delicated to laborers.

Dragon Boat Festival

Jun. 4 to 6

3 days

A festival in memory of Quanyuan, a famous patriotic poet.

Dragon boat race; eating zong zi (rice dumplings)ï¼›wearing sachets (tiny bags filled with fragrant herbs).

Mid-Autumn Day

Sept. 10 to 12

3 days

To worship the Moon and Chinese Goddess Chang E.

Moon worshiping ceremony; family get-together; eating moon cakes; appreciating the Moon & lyric compositions; touring the lantern fair.

National Day

Oct. 1 to 7

7 days

To celebrate the funding of P. R. China.

National Day parade; folk song competions; charity & voluntary programs.

Special Notes

Festivals provides nice oppertunities for foreign tourists to experience the festive China in periods with authentic culturally-steeped atmosphere. For instance, the Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Day pledge visitors a unique access to Chinese history, legends and festival culture in place. They will see, taste and enjoy more, compared with tours in normal days.

Every coin has two sides. Though it is fruitful to tour China during festivals, it can not be so perfect. On these holidays, Chinese are free of work and cramming to make their seasonal travels in China. So it is usual to find that scenic spots are jammed with home tourists; buses and hotels are crowded with people. Moreover, the festivals are always rated as high tourism season and the price for hotels and meals will go up a lot, too. If you are planning to visit China during festivals, you'd better be prepared for crowds and higher prices.

China Odyssey Tours advises visitors to take China Tours on common days, or travel China by taking advantage of Chiristmas, a low tourism season in China, which means better enjoyment with less expenses.

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