China Begins Operating Its Newest High-Speed Model "Fuxing"

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Taking a high-speed bullet train has become one of the major transportation choices of Chinese people and foreigners. Recently, China has launched a new series of safer, faster, wider and more comfortable high-speed trains, "Fuxing", which means "revival" or "rejuvenation" in Mandarin. The new model is capable of operating at the rate of 400km/h, shortening the 12-hour journey to five hours and 45 minutes from Shanghai to Beijing. And the price remains the same for the existing high-speed routes.

The "Fuxing" train has been totally designed and manufactured in China. The new train is about 4.05 meters high - the same as the existing high-speed train-but it can save 17% energy consumption, which is greener than China’s other bullet trains. 

CRH,the predecessor of the ‘Fuxing’ trainOne of China’s bullet trains: CRH,the predecessor of the 'Fuxing' train

Besides, each train has a powerful safety monitoring system with over 2,500 sensors - 500 more than its predecessors – constantly checking its performance, indoor temperature, and automatically slowing down or braking the train in emergencies. When the train runs in abnormal conditions, it can automatically give out the alarm. With the remote-date-transmission system, a control centre is also set to monitor the running of the train in real time.

In addition to larger spaces for passengers, the "Fuxing" bullet train provides some other passenger-friendly services. First, the train is covered with Wi-Fi and you can use it all along the journey for free. Second, previously the phone chargers were displaced below the seats and passengers had to stoop to charge their devices, now they are located near the armrests. Third, there's a lighting-control system on the train with various modes, from cold light to warm light, strong light to weak light, you can monitor it based on your own needs.

Up to now, only two "Fuxing" trains are put into use on the Beijing-Shanghai line. It is expected to see more of the new models in the next a few months, including two more trains operating from July 1st, according to the China Railway Corp.

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