China Odyssey Tours' Customers are Unaffected by the Earthquake

China Odyssey Tours has a number of tour groups visiting the areas affected by the giant earthquake that hit China on Monday, May 12, 2008. We are extremely pleased to announce that all of our customers traveling with us are unharmed.

The moment we found out where the earthquake was based, we immediately called all of their tour guides to make sure that everyone was safe. We have been in touch with every person in these groups and are pleased to announce that all of them are safe and quite happy. In fact, one group laughingly told us that it was quite an adventure. All of the groups traveling with us are our top priority. We are doing everything we can to ensure that their visit to China is uninterrupted by the earthquake.

Although the earthquake's tremors could be felt as far away as Vietnam and Beijing, all of China's most heavily populated areas have been left relatively unharmed, and tours are continuing as scheduled without interruptions. The only exception is Chengdu City, which except for some minor damage, has remained fairly untouched. The China National Tourism Administration, for safety's sake, has ordered that all tourists in Chengdu be escorted out of the city, and all tour itineraries that include Chengdu be altered. The Yangtze River Cruises that begin or end in Chongqing will be uninterrupted.

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