China Spring Festival Transportation Starts from January 30, 2010

2010 Spring Festival Transportation will start on January 30th and end on March 10th, lasting for 40 days. During this period, travelers in China should double-check the traffic conditions and book their tickets (10 days at most) as earlier as possible, in order to avoid any bothering delays, because a huge number of travelers will cram into trains, planes, and vehicles in such a short time.

Railway officials estimate that a total of 210 million people will be transported by train during the 40 days, 9.5 % higher compared with that of last year. On average, 5.25 million people will be transported one day. They also give clues that rail travelers in Guangzhou and Chengdu will probably have to buy railway tickets using their ID cards or passports and get their real names registered on the tickets, which has not got governmental final confirmation yet.

Spring Festival Transportation, also called "Spring Festival Travel Season" or "Chunyun Period", refers to the extremely high traffic load of transportation in China around the time of the Chinese Lunar New Year. The high traffic load usually covers 15 days before China’s Spring Festival and 25 days after.

It is a long-held tradition for most Chinese people to reunite with their families during the Chinese New Year. People will return home from work or study to have a Reunion Dinner with their families on Lunar New Year's Eve, no matter where they are.

With a history of over 10 years, Spring Festival Transportation in China has been rumored the largest migration on earth. Though it is crowded in vehicles then, it is the best time to experience a Real China, taste Spring Festival banquets, appreciate mysterious but attractive Chinese traditional cultures and take part in the celebration activities.

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