China Train Ticket Presale Suspended Temporarily due to New Train Schedule

The presale of train tickets (for traveling in July) has been suspended in China, due to the upcoming implementation of the new train schedule. But passengers still could reserve train tickets (for traveling before June 30) in railway stations or via travel agents. Ticket presale (for traveling in or after July) will resume at the moment that the railway ticketing system adjustment is completed.

The New China train schedule will be implemented from July 1, 2010, according to an officer from Beijing Railway Station. And China railway ticketing system now is being adjusted in accordance with the new schedule. As a result, passengers could only pre-book tickets traveling before June 30 and the presale begins at 07:00 every day.

Besides the presale regulation, air-conditioning fares will be imposed on the following trains, K647 (Guangzhou - Xian), K1376 (Shanghai - Huaihua), K2153 (Changsha - Nanning) and 1803 (Wuhan - Zhanjiang).

Moreover, many train schedules have been changed, especially the leaving time and arriving time. For one instance, K8418 (Shanghai - Huangshan) departs Shanghai at 17:45 and arrives in Huangshan at 06:55 on the next day and K8420 (Huangshan - Shanghai) leaves Huangshan at 19:10 and reaches Shanghai at 08:53 at the next morning.

The officer also added that Train 1681 (Changsha - Fuzhou) would not run until June 26, because of the heavy rain and potential floods in Jiangxi Province. He also reminded train riders of confirming their train in advance, the reason that some other trains might be canceled or postponed for the recent bad weather in Southern China. 

To those who are traveling with China Odyssey Tours, you could contact your travel consultant for more details and they will do everything to assure you of a memorable China tour.

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