Colorful Festivals Heat up Tibet Summer Tourism

Tibet has entered its tourism peak season with colorful festivals and fabulous scenery since summer began. A number of traditional festivals take place during this period, including Horse Racing, Thangka Unveiling, Shoton Festival, etc, adding more vitality to Tibet tourism.

Coming after the Gyantse Horse Racing celebrated earlier this month and the Tibetan farmers’ Harvest Festival (Ongkor in local language) on July 17, Thangka Unveiling Festival was celebrated in Gandan Temple on July 22, this Monday. Monks played horns during the annual ritual of unveiling a Buddha portrait in Gandan Temple, 40 km east of Lhasa, attracting numerous disciples and tourists. Founded in 1409, Gandan Temple is the oldest monastery of the Yellow Sect in Tibetan Buddhism.

In addition, Tibet will be celebrating the important Shoton Festival in Lhasa from August 6 to August 12, the best month of the year. On the occasion, a series of special activities will be carried out along with traditional activities like displaying Buddha thangka, performing Tibetan opera, and eating yogurt. The scenery and festivals of Tibet are so fascinating, why not start your Tibet tour now?

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