2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Torch Relay Starts in October

The committee of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games recently announced that the 16th Asian Games Torch Relay would start on October 9th, 2010 selected bearers, who were from all walks of life, would participate in the passionate relay.

The organizers also added more specific details of the Torch Relay. The holy flame will be collected in Beijing's spectacular spot, the Temple of Heaven, the holy place where Chinese emperors worshipped Heaven for good fortune and national harvest in ancient times.

Then, the torch will be transferred to the first relay stop Zhongshan City, the birthplace of the great Chinese revolution leader Sun Yat-sen (1886-1925) and now a prosperous city in central Guangdong,  to show the deep respect to this Father of the Country. In the following month, the torch relay is scheduled to go through all the 21 cities of the province and conclude in Guangzhou with the lighting of the Asian Games Cauldron during the Opening Ceremonies on Friday, November 12. 

To make the relay a national delight, the organizing committee also included in the schedule a 3-day torch display in three northern China cities: Changchun, Harbin and Haiyang City.

Accompanying the passionate relay, three grand evening parties had been conceived in Zhongshan, Zhanjiang, and Guangzhou respectively.

Everything for the Asian Games Torch Relay and the big event now is ready.

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