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Hainan Plans World Second 7 Star Hotel - Millennium Hotel

Hainan has officially put a 7 star hotel constructionplan on agenda, Chinese main medias reported yesterday, the world second 7 starhotel would probably be seen in China in 5 years.


Haikou, the capital of Hainan Province, recently passed a project appraisal of building a 7 star hotel, whichis an accessorial project of Hainan International Conference and ExhibitionCenter program. The 7 star hotel, with a romantic name Qianxi Hotel (MillenniumHotel, literally means "Millennium Happiness"), would become a new landmark of thebiggest city on the Hainan Island.

In light of the hotel blueprint, MillenniumHotel would be built on an artificial island in the Haikou Bay of LonghuaDistrict, Haikou. A 6-hektare artificial island would be prepared via reclamationin advance. Another two 0.6-hektare viewing platforms would be located in thenortheast and northwest of the island respectively, linked to the hotel by two59-meter-long and 10-meter-wide trestles. There would be a huge trestle, about300 meters, connecting the hotel with the adjacent land.


The construction of the 7 star hotel willbegin in 2012 and finish at 2015, lasting for 3 years. After its completion, the 300-meter-highhotel will have 108 floors, offering 800 luxury guest rooms. Accessorial facilities,such as tax-free shopping malls, entertainment centers and offices buildings,will be added as well in the plan. Some RMB 2.8 billion (USD 412 million) wouldbe invested on the hotel project by both Haikou Municipality and Hainanprovincial government.


Hainan MillenniumHotel will probably be world second 7 star hotel, after the first one Burj Al Arab Hotel(also called Arab Sail Hotel) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The hotel will be theNo. 1 seven star hotel in China. One stay in the hotel will bring you topservice, and life-time enjoyment and sweet memories.

Hainan, China's second largest island, is famous for its attracting tropic scenery and the surrounding gloden beaches and blue seas. In recent years' effort, Hainan has become one of the heatest tourist destination in China. Take a nice sunbath, see the mysterious underwater world, swim in the virgin sea, take a romantic sea cruise with your family, drink some tasty beer and  take part in the happy beach party in the evening, everything here makes a perfect place for tourists to skip from the fast, busy temporal world. Take a custom Hainan tour, you could realize a fantastic vacation just as the one in your dreams.

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