New Highway to Boost Fujian Tulou Tour

A local official of Fujian Province announced a 5.6 billion RMB (800 million USD) investment on the 30th of August that a 70-kilometer new highway will be built this year to boost the Tulou tour in Fujian province. The new highway project is expected to significantly increase the accessibility to the region, and bring more tourists to the site.

Fujian Tulou is also known as "Hakka Earthen Fortress", "Hakka Earthen Castle" or "Hakka Round House". It is a form of traditional dwelling architecture of the Hakka tribe constructed between the 15th and 20th centuries over 120 km in the southwestern mountain region of Fujian province. After being listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2008, the Fujian Tulou tour became increasingly popular.

Fujian Tulou houses were built for defensive purposes around a central open courtyard with only one entrance and windows to the outside only above the first floor. Each Tulou house was built as a fortress and functioned as a village unit to accommodate hundreds of residents. Therefore Tulou houses are also known as "family kingdoms".

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