Hong Kong Flower Show 2014 is Ongoing

The Hong Kong Flower Show, presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department to promote horticulture and the awareness of greening, provides a wonderful opportunity for hundreds of thousands of local citizens and horticulture lovers all over the world to appreciate the beauty of flowers and share their experiences in the cultivation of flowers. Featuring "Blossoms of Joy" as its theme and Kalanchoe as its theme flower, the Hong Kong Flower Show 2014 is held from 7 to 16 March 2014 at Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. The opening hours of the Show are from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

With hundreds of flowers in full bloom and the beauties of spring occupying every place in the park, visitors are exulting in thousands of beautiful flowers brought by horticultural organizations from local, the Mainland and overseas, and feasting their eyes on exquisite potted plants, large-scale mosaic bed, gorgeous landscape displays, and ingenious floral arrangements. 

During the show period, a rich diversity of educational and recreational fringe activities will also be organized for the enjoyment of visitors of all ages. They include student drawing competitions, photo competitions, exhibit competitions, music and cultural performances, floral art demonstrations, greening activities workshops, green stalls, guided visits, recreation programmes, and fun games. There will also be commercial stalls selling flowers and other horticultural products. So don’t miss this fabulous flower show if you’re on a trip to Hong Kong! Read on to learn more detailed information about the Hong Kong Flower Show.

Admission Tickets

How to get tickets: Admission tickets are available at Leisure Link outlets in various districts (except those at holiday camps and water sports centers) from 17 Feb to 16 March 2014 and will be sold at the entrance to the Victoria Park showground throughout the show period from 7 to 16 March 2014. Only cash payment is accepted. Octopus can also be used at the entry gates to pay for admission.

Admission fee: $ 14 as the normal rate, and $ 7 for children, students and senior citizens aged 60 or above, as well as persons with disabilities and minders (each person can enjoy the concessionary rate with one minder only). While from Monday to Friday, senior citizens aged 60 or above and persons with disabilities and minders (each person can enjoy the concessionary rate with one minder only) can enjoy free admission. And adults in a group of 30 persons or above can be admitted at half rate.

Programme of Activities

Half an hour of Jockey Club Hong Kong Flower Show Guided Tour will be delivered on 8, 9, 15 & 16, March 2014 once an hour from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm. It requests participants to gather at the assembly point next to the Information Counter ten minutes before departure. Various greening activities and game stalls will be presented by Green Volunteers of LCSD from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, 8 to 16 March. Other activities include music performance, dance performance, cultural performance, rope skipping performance, talent performance of special schools, artistic gymnastic performance, a cappella, floral art demonstration, some talks (including horticultural talk), electric cooking (by HK Electric’s Home Management Centre) held in the Stage, and marching band performance and evening music performance given in Happy Wonderland.

About the theme flower Kalanchoe

Six different cultivars of Kalanchoe with a total number of forty thousand will be put on display to show greening, beautification, and environmental protection. Kalanchoe, the "flower of longevity", is native to Africa and loves the warm and sunny environment. This plant is known to the Chinese as "thousands and millions of red and purple", and is commonly purchased during the Chinese New Year for decorative purposes. They are popular because of their ease of propagation, low water requirements, and wide variety of flower colors typically borne in clusters well above the vegetative growth. 

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