Spectacular Cloud Sea Amazed Huangshan Tourists

Spectacular Cloud Sea Amazed Huangshan Tourists

Spectacular cloud sea scenery emerged on Mt. Huangshan at the dusk of November 17, 2010, providing a casual visual feast to tourists and photographers on the mountain.

A wine sun was sinking down into a rolling cloud sea, lingering with sunshine flickers on the vast sea which integrated with the sky in the far. With several towering peaks in the far and bizarre stones & pine trees in the near, visitors felt like traveling in a fairyland.

Benefited from the mountain's unique geographical advantages, Huangshan earns itself the name "Home of Cloud & Mist". The amazing scene of cloud sea often emerges in two periods in a year: June to September; November to March, especially after a rain or a snowfall. This time the wonder showed up shortly after the rain was over.

According to the local weather forecast, Huangshan will be cloudy, with small mount rainfall, in recent days. It means climatic conditions and a high probability to enjoy the incredible SeaCloud of Huangshan.

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