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China Odyssey Tours, together with our sister brand Indochina Odyssey Tours and India Odyssey Tours, is launching long-term voting on Facebook in the hope to find out the most favorite Odynovo travel consultant of our customers. Here at Odynovo, we believe an unforgettable travel experience always begins with a good travel consultant, who is right at your side from the very first inquiry or calls you to make to us and escort you through the whole trip until you return home safely.

A "Like" is very easy but could mean a lot for travel consultants since it comes directly from customers. So whether you appreciate your travel consultant’s effort for adjusting your itinerary multiple times until it fits your needs and budget perfectly, or rest assured during your whole trip because you know they are just a phone call away 24/7, just join us and let your consultant know you like his or her service.

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Travel Consultants at China Odyssey Tours

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