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My Expo Experience - Special Report on Shanghai Expo

China Odyssey Tours had appointed a special commissioner, Ms. Mo, to record and present the grand Shanghai Expo for us from all angles. The following you are going to read is the Feature on Shanghai World Expo by Ms. Mo, as well as beautiful photos of the global festive gathering.


I arrived in Shanghai on the early morning of April 30th. Though a little tired, I could not wait to explore the metropolis which I was longing for, and rushed into the flourishing streets after checking in my hotel.

April 30 was a big day for Shanghainese because Shanghai World Expo Opening Ceremony would kick off at 20:00 in the evening and tens of thousands of visitors were waiting for touring the Expo Park in the next day. Shanghai people all wanted to present an unforgettable Expo for people on the earth.

I was thrilled with the Expo phenomenon in this "Oriental Paris". There was nowhere that you could not see or hear anything regarding to the big event. Shanghai Expo emblems and the mascot Haibao mushroomed all places in the city; directing boards guides visitors clearly to the Expo Park; various kinds of Expo banners and neon signs got the city in full dress, especially in the night; Expo volunteers stood in the Info Booths, ready to help those who needed assistance; locals were also excited about the big moment and they acted like hosts welcoming visitors from home and abroad by hearty smiles and self-giving contribution. I would have been convinced that I was wandering in a huge Expo Park rather than in China's largest city Shanghai, if I hadn't seen the world famous landmarks of Shanghai.

When I came to the Park site following the directing boards, I found that there were some visitors taking photos leisurely outside the park. The park was evacuated in advance for the coming Opening Ceremony. A man from Hong Kong was taking pictures on his own by using automatic cameras. I went over to whether I could help him. He smiled, "No, thanks. I used to photograph in this way. Look, these picture I took are wonderful." He was quite satisfied with his shootings, and asked me where he could see the firework show best during the Opening Ceremony. I disappointed him by shaking my head, informing him that I was a new-comer too. Then told me that it was too hard to get a Peak Day Admission Ticket in Hong Kong, so he could only enter the park three days later after the Peak Days. "However, it is also very nice to take a good tour in the city. Shanghai is an amazing city that I am dreaming of. And I will enter the Park. Just as the old saying goes, the best always comes the last." He continued.The pity was simply overtaken by his simle and humor.

The exquisite pavilions inside the park were really magnificent. From the unique appearances of each pavilion, I knew that this was not just an exposition but a chance for people from different countries to communicate and improve the civilization of human beings. Just shows as the Expo Theme: Better City, Better Life.

I just took several pictures from the outside and headed back to my hotel, for the reason that I should get well rested for the visiting next day and there will more stories and highlights inside the park.



May 1, Sunny

Today was the first day that the Expo Parkopened to the public. Weather, nice; Expo pavilions, waiting to be explored; I,excited. I got up early in morning, eager to take my expected exploration.

After a quick breakfast, I got to the 8th ExpoGate at a gallop and found that I was never the first person arrived at thePark. Cramming myself into the long crowd queue, I managed to get to theparadise I was longing for at last and immediately recollected what the tips forShanghai Expo written in a newspaper: No. 1 visit the park with a nice mood andkeep patient all the time. It was exactly true. Without a good mood, your expo expeditionwould probably be spoiled. Here everything you do, you would have to joina queue and waited, waited to enter the incredible pavilions, waited to toilet andwaited to feed yourself. I was not the person that would be defeated by waiting.So I took a deep breath, calmed down and waited.

Soon I found a nice way to detract myselffrom the boring queuing. It was people-watching, which was really interesting to see people with differentskin colors standing in lines. Maybe you would notice that a white man stood in front of you, with ablack guy behind. Though their colors were different, there was one thing incommon, smile. They likely could not understand each other, but the smile madethem easy at the company. This could be a picture of human beings created bythe mighty God, I wonder.

Due to simple breakfast, I soon found that Iwas bothered by huger. Being not to bear starvation, I decided to stuff mystomach. As always, long teams were already there and I waited again. There Icame to a conclusion: one should avoid the peak times to have meals. Fortunately,my long queuing paid off: I was given the most delicious food I could ever had.

I knew that the China pavilion and SaudiArabic pavilion were the hottest pavilion in the park. So I chose to visitAfrican Joint Pavilion, in which fewer visitors were supposed to go.

Africa Joint Pavilion was located in the Zone C of the Expo Park. It might be a little smaller than others, but it isstill the largest among all joint pavilions. And it is the first times that 44African countries came to World Expo together. It seemed that the World Expo unitedAfrican nations.

I first came to the Algeria Display Area:it was like walking in a common street of Algeria, with various windows of traditionalArabic architectures. Though these windows, you would see several women was weavingcarefully in their traditional ways; an Algerian carpenter was carving somedelicate designs; even dozens of pupils were taking their lessons in a temporaryclassroom. It was a panoramic view of peaceful Algeria local lives, which werenot real but strategically displayed though digital equipments.

In the 44 nations' displaying areas, therewere 44 unique themes and layouts. Each showed their unique natural andcultural gems. For example, woods, stones, couch grass, mud and every singlebuilding material that you could imagine were used to build their native houses.


In Ghana pavilion, soccer stars werepainted on the outer wall and inside a huge picture of Ghana National SoccerTeam were hung in the center, which showed their enthusiastic soccer culture;in Eritrea Pavilion, the primitive instruments were ideologically place, whichmight be the origin of music; in Kenya Pavilion, a family picture of BarackObama was hung in a visible place, telling you that the nation was home to theUS president; in Central Africa Pavilion, a picture of smiles of their peoplewas really impressive.  


Comparedwith the dazzling advanced technologies inside the modern pavilions of westerncountries, African seemed a little weak, but what I saw here were peace, purehappiness and hope for the future. (to be continued)


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