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New Lanzhou-Dunhuang Train Runs for Booming Silk Road Travel

Gansu Province operates a new railway routelinking Lanzhou, the provincial capital, and Dunhuang, an essential city of theancient Silk Road. The newly-opened rail aims to provide convenient transferfor the booming Silk Road Travel in Western China.

Nicknamed Gansu Tourism, the Lanzhou-Dunhuang fast train K9671 finished its virgin journey on July 11. According tothe train schedule, the Gansu Tourism leaves Lanzhou at 19:04 and arrivesin Dunhuang at 12:06 in the next day. The return train heads back at 15:08 fromDunchuang and reaches Lanzhou at 10:05 in the next morning. There are 5stations that the train will stop over during the journey: Wuwei Station, ZhangyeStation, Jiuquan Station, Jiayuguan Station and Guazhou Station. Ticket Prices:RMB 153 (hard sleeper); RMB 258 (soft sleeper).


In recent years, Gansu attracts thousandsof tourists across the world with its long history and mysterious legends,unique landscapes and exotic local customs. Dozens of reputed scenic spots like Mogao Cave in Dunhuang, the iconic Jiayuguan, the enchanting Bingling Temple, the mud-made Great Wall relics and the beautiful Qilian Mountain are regarded to be must-sees in Western China.


And the Silk Road has become the defininghighlight of Gansu tours, even Western China tours. Travelers flock to the ancient road to trace thehistory and pursue old traditions. Walking along the old path, visiting the historicsites or deserted old towns, gawking at precious relics and exquisite frescosat various grottos, witnessing the origins and promotion of Buddhism and otherreligious cultures, taking a camel ride as ancient silk merchants did centuriesbefore, tasting some local flavors and taking part in the mellow dances besidethe open fire in the evening, all of these make the Silk Road Travel alife-enriching experience for tourists.

Take a tailor-made Silk Road Tour, you will never miss a delight in traveling Western China.

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