Not everyone at a Li River cruise enjoys extra perks. But if you are traveling with Odynovo, the perks will be a full tote of free snacks that pleasantly makes up all that the inclusive boat lunch fails to deliver.

Odyssey Offers Guests Free Snack Pack at Li River Cruise
One of the highlights of many's trips to China cannot dispense with the Li River cruise in Guilin, which reveals limpid water, rolling hills, village life sights, and any imaginable elements to create a traditional Chinese painting. Sailing from 9 am to 1 pm, the river trip includes a tourist-style buffet lunch onboard provided by the cruise. Pitifully, according to most customer reviews, the food was not that much interesting. 

Fortunately, one of Odynovo's philosophies is that your lifetime experience should never be impacted by a minor flaw, even when things happen to be beyond control. Dislike the boat lunch? Odynovo quickly puts up a workaround: providing a complimentary snack pack to her guests who take a Li River cruise in an attempt to make their lunchtime more enjoyable. That way, the guests can immerse themselves in the scenery while their stomachs can get a treat too! 

Andrew and Erika, traveled with Odyssey, displaying the snack pack with their guide Fei.
Andrew and Erika, traveled with Odynovo, displaying the snack pack with their guide Fei.

Serving as a care package, the snack tote usually contains fresh fruits in season (apple, mango, banana, etc.), a can of bakery biscuits and a can of chips. Specific items may vary subject to customer feedback as well as availability. To prepare the package, we shop for fruits and biscuits the day on which clients take the cruise to ensure the freshness of the food. The pack stays in the private vehicle before Odynovo tour guide hands it over to guests when they embark on the cruise.

Odyssey Offers Guests Free Snack Pack at Li River Cruise
Odynovo guests Cynthia Thomas and Richard Raleigh Moore display their snack pack. 

The unique service kicked off just a few weeks ago, but we have got the cue that it is gaining fondness as one recent Odynovo guest Michelle P shared her thoughts on our TripAdvisor page: "The trip up the river from Guilin to Yangshuo was fantastic, although as warned the food is questionable. Odynovo did provide a snack bag, with fruit and chips and cookies which was much appreciated."

It is no news that Odynovo has been striving to stand out by her particular merits. In addition to the newly rolled-out snack pack, a few advantages that don’t cost a penny of guests also deserve attention. For instance, bottled water is provided daily and ice cold ones are available on hot summer days; portable Wi-Fi device is offered upon request in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and India; moreover, the "Small Basket" (a basket containing snacks, fruits, and wet wipes) for privileged guests is another perk that they cannot love more.

Though the snack pack is no more than a small token, the kind gesture can mean a lot more than that: embodying our slogan "You're not alone with Odynovo!", by saying which we mean both you and your stomach.

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