Odyssey Tours Joined Tourism Cares on May 2014

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On May, 2014, Odyssey (rebranded as Odynovo in 2018) officially became the first China-based member of Tourism Cares, the travel industry's network for giving back worldwide. 

 "Joining some of the most distinguished travel companies, Odyssey Tours will help to protect iconic destinations and communities in need, including those in the US, Peru, Mexico, Egypt and Myanmar. Odyssey Tours and Tourism Cares also work together to deliver scholarships and mentoring to young travel professionals; help local social enterprises supporting tourism, and provide advocacy and education across the travel industry. Tourism Cares with Odyssey Tours as a member will work as stewards of the travel industry and travel experience – and to support travel destinations as engines for prosperity, civil society, and pride in their communities." - Tourism Cares

Find Teachers Teaching for Children in Nepal

 Odyssey Tours is running a business with a strong sense of social responsibility and always gives back. It has done lots of charitable work, such as donating money to children in poor mountainous areas in Guizhou Province, China, and to help Sichuan earthquake relief, which makes it awarded the Civic-Minded Company by Guilin Tourism Administration. There are also some meaningful things Odyssey Tours has done and is still doing, such as donating money and calling on its customers to make donations to help construct pump wells in rural areas of Angkor, Cambodia. And now working with Tourism Cares to help to restore and protect travel destinations worldwide is also the embodiment of its social responsibility.

 The Pump WellThe pump well Odyssey Tours donated in Angkor, Cambodia

 To better serve the purpose of making a contribution, China Odyssey Tours, one of the Odyssey Tours series, donated a 10-Day Classic China Private Tour for Two for auction on www.biddingforgood.com, a charitable e-commerce company affiliated to Tourism Cares. If you happen to be planning a trip to China and are in the interest of giving back, bidding this tour would be a mutually beneficial act.


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