8 Olympic Pandas come to Beijing

Eight giant pandas from Wolong arrived at the Beijing Zoo by plane on May 24th. The giant pandas were loaned to the zoo in commemoration of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and will be there for six months. The eight giant pandas on display all came from the Wolong Giant Panda Reserve located 32 kilometers from the epicenter of the giant earthquake that shook Sichuan. The eight giant pandas survived the earthquake unscathed and are now happily living in the zoo to the delight of visitors. Each day they are provided with plenty of fresh bamboos and have their own swimming pool in which to play or cool off. The Beijing Zoo opens daily at 8 am and it is recommended that visitors come to the zoo before 10:00 am, or after 2:00 pm to see the giant pandas. Between these times, the giant pandas are resting in their enclosure. The giant pandas remind visitors of Jingjing, one of the 2008 Olympic Mascots. It is extremely rare to be able to see such a large number of giant pandas in one place, so this is an event that should not be missed. These loveable creatures never fail to move the hearts of all who see them.

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