Parkistan Pavilion Travel Guide

Category: Parkistan Pavilion, shanghai expo

Theme: Harmony in Diversity

Highlights: Lahore Fort

Pavilion Area: Around 2,000 Square Meters

Location: Within Zone A of the Expo site

Pavilion Features

Themed "harmony in diversity," various aspects of the best of Pakistan's cities will be merged into one showcase of culture, tradition, modernity and history. In the pavilion, visitors will be able to experience the life of a typical Pakistani citizen through detailed visual and multimedia presentations.

Pavilion Display

The design inspiration of the pavilion comes from the Lahore Fort listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. At Expo 2010, Pakistan will create a replica of the Lahore Fort built of new materials with new technology. The fort which dates back to the year 1025AD is the cultural capital and heart of modern-day Pakistan. It was given its current design in 1566AD. The building is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Visitors will have a glimpse of the former royal garden at Expo 2010.

Pavilion Highlights

Highlight 1:

Display of Pakistan's Customs, Culture and History through Multimedia Presentations In the pavilion, the long-lasting friendship between Pakistan and China will be showcased - the commercial relations, starting from the Silk Road, are the strong bonds between people of two nations.

Highlight 2:

The friendship between Pakistan and China Distinctive Pakistani dances will be performed by the national dancers. Pakistani cuisine, with a strong ethnic flavor, is also an important component. Visitors can enjoy the distinctive clothing and exotic dances while tasting the local food, such as barbecue with secret sauce, local mellow milk tea "Chai," among others.

Highlight 3:

Pakistani Dances and Cuisine The Pakistan Pavilion will focus on the interpretation of the city's distillation of Pakistan and will display the customs of the ancient nation intertwined with tradition and modernity, culture and history. In the pavilion, visitors will be able to experience the life of local urban and rural residents through audio and multimedia presentations.

Notice: All the pictures are artist's renditions.

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(Source: 2010 Shanghai World Expo Website)

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