Qiantang River Tide on 6th Oct. 2009, the biggest of 6 years

Reportedly, the biggest tide show of Qiantang River of the past 6 years will take on in Hangzhou on 6th October. Due to the effect of the total solar eclipse this year, the Qiantang River has shown some obvious hydrological changes since the eclipse of 22nd July. The analysis holds that this year's Qiangtang River Tide is expected to be 20 centimeters higher and last 2 or 3 days longer compared to normal years. It is forecasted that the tide would probably excel all the past 6-year's and come to a climax on the Lunar 18th of August (6th Oct. 2009), without the affections of unexpected rains and winds.

Qiantang River, the biggest river in Hangzhou, is one of the most visited attractions, featuring stunning and exciting tides. Haining, the best view site, has attracted some more than 8 million tourists in the past 10 years. The magnificent scenery becomes an unforgettable one that tourists shouldn't miss.

For the amazing local Tide-seeing Festal, special activities are also added to the agenda for the coming 8-day-long holiday, with National Days and Mid-autumn Day packed together. The 16th China Leather Exhibition and the 9th China Textile Expo are scheduled from 28th to 30th September in Haining. At that moment, tourists could catch the fantastic tide show during the day, enjoy the earthshaking but melodious tide sound at the night and wander through the exhibitions at their leisure.

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