Regional Cooperation to Promote Sanjiang Tourism

On September 18th, the Sanjiang Tourism Cooperation Summit was held in Guilin, discussing regional cooperation in discovering and promoting the tourism resources of Sanjiang. China Odyssey Tours with other major tour operators in the region and local government agencies have joined the summit. The participating parties have agreed to cooperate in promoting the remarkable nature and culture of Sanjiang to both domestic and international tourism markets.

Sanjiang is a Dong Ethnic Autonomous County located in the connecting point of Guangxi, Hunan, and Guizhou provinces of Southwest China. Its name which means "three rivers" in Chinese comes from its geological location, where the Xun River, Rong River, and Miao River wind through the mountains across Sanjiang County forming the beautiful landscape of the region.

As a historical habitat of the Dong ethnic minority group, Sanjiang is also rich in culture featuring exotic traditions and unique architectures of wooden towers, wooden bridges, and suspending wooden houses. It is said that there must be a bridge with a river and a tower with a tribe in the village of Dong. The Wind and Rain Bridge is the icon of Sanjiang and the most remarkable bridge among over 110 bridges in Sanjiang.

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