Shanghai Disney Park Approved by China

Shanghai Disney Theme Park has been approved by China's planning agency, the Walt Disney Company announced on Tuesday. The news was also confirmed by Shanghai Municipal Government on a regular press conference yesterday. 

A Magic Kingdom-style theme park with characteristics will be built and operated after working out a final agreement according to the approval of the Project Application Report, said the company. The park aims to be tailored to the metropolis and adjoining Yangtze River Delta region, where some 300 million people live. The Magic Kingdom will be rising as planned in a village site of Pudong New District, just 20 miles from the center of Shanghai. Earlier media reports suggested it could be a $3.5 billion deal for a 1,000-acre park opening around 2014.

The world's 6th Disneyland will become a new paradise for children and a nice resort for tourists. The good news is that admission is rumored for just about $45, the lowest price of all Disneyland parks, which will allow more people to have the joy. Disneyland Park will bring in millions of visitors to the largest city in China, about 3 to 5 million tourists every year as estimated.

Reportedly, Disneyland approval is a surprising gift to Barack Obama because it was just made through before the US president's visit to China in mid-November.

Shanghai Disneyland, different from Hong Kong Disneyland opened in 2005, is planning to develop attractive activities and programs of distinctive flavors catering to various tourists. It really deserves an adventurous visit when traveling in Shanghai then.

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