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Shanghai Expo Opening Ceremony Rehearsal Held Smoothly

First dress rehearsal of Shanghai Expo OpeningCeremony kicked off at 8:10 p.m. in the Expo Park on April 27th, 2010. Thousandsof colorful fireworks rocketed into the sky, weaving brilliant and imposingartificial pictures upon the Park.

The opening rehearsal began with the visitors'entrance to the Park. Visitors and guests were guided to their seats orderly bythe expo volunteers and the opening ceremony were staged on time at 8:00 p.m. Thenthe following one-hour-long oriental cultural show won seas of applause throughthe process.


Moreover, the firework show, cooperatingwith the performance, attracted not only the eyeballs of inside audience butalso arise the immediate attention of Shanghai local residents'. They took outthe cameras and cell phones to picture the fabulous views. More than 20 thousandfirework pieces, only one fourth of expected firework pieces on opening day,shot into the sky group by group from 10 cruising boat on the Huangpu River,lightening up the Expo Park and surrounding areas.



Shanghai Expo opening ceremony consists ofwelcome speech, raising flags of the host nation and World Exposition, the presentationof Expo exhibitors, VIP's speeches and cultural performance, in accordance to conventionsof World Expo. The whole ceremony will last for 2 hours or so. The Opening willbe broadcasted live by dozens of Chinese media and overseas channels to theworld in over 30 languages.


Series of trial runs of the WorldExposition had gone smoothly during the previous week. About 1 million visitorshad toured the exquisite pavilions inside the park and experienced the high-qualityExpo services. Expo facilities, security measures and services have been welltested. After the trial operation of the Expo, we have more confidence topresent the world an enjoyable and memorable Expo, said Han Zheng, Mayor of thehost city, Shanghai is ready for the big event.


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(Picture Source: Xinhua News)

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