Shanghai Expo 3 Days Admisson Reservation Suspended

Shanghai Expo 3 Days Admission reservation has been suspended temporarily, according to a message from Expo-appointed ticketing agencies.

Due to the huge market demand, Shanghai Expo ticket booking has become rather skillful. Previous ticketing knowledge will save visitors much time and energy to get the tickets.

Single-day admission, on either Peak Day or Standard Day, is still the easiest one to book via agencies or buy at the Expo Park directly. On the contrary, reserving multi-day tickets is much more difficult because the preferable admission privileges ticket-holders flexible schedules and plenty of visiting time. Though 3 days admission presale was halted, 7 Days Admission can still be purchased by normal means.

Particular tips also go to Night Admission and Special Admission buyers. Shanghai Expo Night ticket could only be purchased at the Expo park, no reservation is available and only valid on the printed date. Special Admission buyers must take their valid IDs along with them for ticket-buying and park entry. Moreover, Special Admission could not be reserved in advance.

Booking Shanghai Expo tickets successfully guarantee visitors a good start to a memorable Shanghai Expo tour. So make sure you can get the tickets before setting out to explore the World Expo.

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