Shanghai - Huangshan High-speed Rail Available Now

A new high-speed railway linking Shanghai and Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) has gone into operation on July 1, shortening more than half of the original travel time to 4.5 hours.This line consists of an important section of the Hefei-Fuzhou High-Speed Rail Line, which passes through Shanghai and some of China's most stunning scenic spots, including Huangshan in Anhui Province, Mt. Wuyi in Fujian Province, Shangrao and Wuyuan in Jiangxi Province. 


Huangshan Sunrise
The high-speed rail linking Shanghai and Huangshan efficiently cuts travel times in half. 

Running as fast as at a speed of 250 kph, the daily high-speed G trains for the Shanghai - Huangshan section stop at Hongqiao Railway Station at 8:27 am and depart from Huangshan North Railway Station at 2:33 pm. Participants will easily go from China's financial hub Shanghai to the scenic Huanghai area, a journey of over 400 km, in less than 5 hours without putting their back in pain. Before the high-speed rail made its debut, an overnight K train (fast train) was the economic way to go: it starts in the evening and arrives the next morning with a trip time of 10 hours or more.

Reference types of seats
Reference types of seats of high-speed rail: the first-class seat and the second-class seat.

The business-class seat
The business-class seat is defined by large leather seats that recline completely along with beverage service and a dining car.

Pre-sale time of China railway tickets is now 60 days prior to departure. "Though the volume of train tickets is possible to accommodate needs, it's advised to book well ahead of time," said Jun Wang, Odyssey's (rebranded as Odynovo in 2018) Huangshan operations manager.  It was with the spectacular mountain range and ancient villages that Huangshan made a name for itself long ago. Today it is one of the photographers' favorite spots in China. To relieve traffic pressure during the notorious high season, China Railway made the effort to provide more high-speed rail service, bringing passengers to visit Huangshan, Mt. Wuyi, and other popular tourist destinations, in some cases halving the travel time. 

Hongcun Village is one of the highlights in a Huangshan tour.

However, many passengers have noticed that the Shanghai-Huangshan schedule requires them to get up very early for departure. In this regard, Sophie Lu, Odyssey Sales Manager, has her suggestion. "A flight after lunch is recommended when leaving Shanghai for Huangshan - the price doesn't differ much and you still get a good rest in the morning," said Sophie, "while for the return trip, the afternoon high-speed rail certainly has excellent value."

That said, naturally, Odyssey travelers can include both of the train trips in their private itinerary to fit personal needs. 

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