Snowstorms Bring China an Earlier and Colder Winter

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Unexpected snowstorms had brought rain, sleet, wet snow and sharply colder temperatures to most areas of China in the past several days. China is encountering with an earlier and colder winter.

The snow, which arrived after November 9th, covered all of the North China Plain and nearby areas. Unlike in northern parts, southern China got sufficient rainfalls, which is good for crops suffering from the previous droughts.

Transportations affected but soon recovered

People in Beijing have noticed inconveniences on their daily traveling caused by the snowfall. However, the problems were soon solved by the hard work of traffic police and workers. Airlines have managed to regain passengers delivering in several hours. In other big cities like Shanghai and Chengdu, transportations were somehow affected, but there are no problems for traveling around.

Cold weather in southern China

What troubles people in southern China is not the bad weather but the low temperatures. People in Guilin have no problem with traveling, but they have to wrap themselves with winter clothes to keep warm. The temperature was 20 centigrade just four days ago, but now below 10 centigrade. This is a common situation with other parts of southern China like Guangdong, Fujian.

Traveling Tips

For those who are traveling or heading to China, they should bring some winter clothes, warm gloves, and hats, umbrellas or raincoats with themselves. For hiking lovers, they should get antiskid shoes packed along, too. They also should double check the local traffic and weather conditions, especially for destinations in the snow-stricken areas.

If you are planning a tour via China Odyssey tours, you can ask your travel consultant for traffic and weather details any time, and he or she will tell you the specific information promptly. Otherwise, you can keep an eye on our website for the latest traveling tips.

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