South China flooding raises concerns among China Odyssey Tours customers

Flooding has hit the south China area after a week-long heavy rainfall since the end of June 2009. It is reportedly the most severe flooding in south China since 1998, and 126 million Yuan (18.4 U.S. dollars) of government funding has already been pumped into the area for disaster relief.

Since the last week, China Odyssey Tours has received a number of inquiries in regard to the effects of the flooding on China Odyssey Tours' tour offerings. Many of them have also expressed their concerns about whether China Odyssey Tours and its employees are safe in the flooding. We really appreciate all these messages from our enthusiastic customers.

We are pleased to announce that the majority of our tour routes are unaffected by the flooding, and all of our employees are safe. Although one of China's major tourist destinations Guilin, also the location of China Odyssey Tours' head office, is in one of the flooding provinces, the condition has back to normal on 8th July. The Li River as the main attraction of the city has returned to the normal water level and is as clear as usual to welcome tourists.

China Odyssey Tours is paying special attention to the safety of all customers and service employees during this special time and closely watching the weather situation. Contact your travel consultants for a detailed destination situations.

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