Tibet Tubo's Former Capital Tourist Area Begins to Receive Visitors

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Tibet Tubo's former capital tourist area opens and begins to receive visitors. This tourist area, which is 178kilometers away from Lhasa, is located in the Qonggyai County of Shannan in Tibet. It is expected to be an important platform for tourists at home and abroad to experience and learn about the culture of Tibet's origins.

Tubo dynasty (7th to 9th century) is the first regime recorded in China's Tibet historical documents. It had put an end to Tibet's fragmented political situation. In addition, it was a time when Tibet made brilliant achievements in many fields including religion, philosophy, medicine, architectural art, etc. 

Qonggyai County is the ancient capital of Tubo dynasty and an important birthplace of Tibetan culture. There are a lot of precious relics, such as Tibet's first castle "horses sowing city", the site of Tibet's most beautiful woman "Dawazhoima" and the magnificent tombs of Tibetan Kings that are listed as a national relic protection unit. Among the tombs of Tibetan Kings, the most famous one is the tomb of Songtsen Gampo, which was built to honor Songtsen Gampo as a national hero of Tibet. Around the door of his tomb, there are some Marnyi stones, a kind of stones that engraved the figures of Buddha and Buddhist scriptures. According to folklore, people who walk around the stones for one time will receive a treasure. Besides, there are also numerous but characteristic Tibetan Buddhism temples.

Marnyi stones in Tibet

Marnyi stones, the masterpieces of the Tibetan folk artists.

According to the introduction from Dawa, the chairman of Tibet Culture and Tourism Group, Tubo museum will be a key point in this tourist area. It will offer travelers a chance to experience splendid Tubo culture through the exhibition, scene reappearance and interaction of science and technology. 

Apart from the above, Qonggyai's distinctive nature landscape is also worth visiting. If you are planning your Tibet tour, welcome to contact us at . for a tailor-made tour with professional suggestions. 

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