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USA Pavilion Preview

Theme: Rise to the Challenge
Highlights: Gray Steel Structure
National Pavilion Day: July 2
Pavilion Area: Around 6,000 Square Meters
Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

USA Pavilion Features

The USA Pavilion is a mammoth gray steel structure meant to resemble an eagle stretching its wings in welcome. The pavilion presents a dynamic and emotional story that conveys four core concepts: sustainability, teamwork, health and the spirit of striving for success. USA Pavilion is a mammoth gray steel structure meant to resemble an eagle stretching its wings in welcome. The exhibition tells the story of the American spirit of perseverance, innovation, and community-building in a multi-dimensional, hi-tech presentation. It presents the US as a place of opportunity and diversity where people come together to change their communities for the better.

USA Pavilion Display

The overall theme of the pavilion is "Rise to the Challenge." In keeping with the Expo's theme of "Better City, Better Life," the challenges depicted will be creating environmentally sustainable communities, engaging in a healthy lifestyle and using technology to improve people's lives. The pavilion showcases American business and technology, as well as culture and values, to foster stronger friendship between the American and Chinese peoples.

USA Pavilion Highlights

Highlight 1: Visual Parable without dialogue

The USA Pavilion features a show entitled"The Garden" - the story of a 10-year-old girl who envisages turning vacant city lot into an urban oasis, working with her neighbors to make that happen. The movie - a visual parable without dialogue - includes plenty of computer-generated imagery and 4-D effects, like vibrating seats, mist, and lighting. The girl's passion and resolution have inspired her neighbors to work together to turn a dilapidated city into a fascinating place with the spirits of optimism, innovation, and cooperation.

Highlight 2: Three Acts

The program begins with the "Spirit of America," a call to collaboration, and a celebration of freedom, diversity, innovation, and opportunity. "The Garden" is the centerpiece of the second part, while the last section is "Opportunities and Innovation," a themed area that highlights the use of technology and innovation to achieve more sustainable communities.

Highlight 3: Live Shows and Multimedia

In addition to a daily "Dance-America!" outdoor show, the USA Pavilion will stage a wide range of performances including jazz, pop, ska, and classical music, university marching bands, theater and dance, and "Salutes" the American city and state partners.

Notice: All the pictures are artist's renditions.

Source: 2010 Expo Shanghai Official Website

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