Water Cube to Reopen as a Water Park

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Beijing National Aquatic Center, better known as the Water Cube, is about to reopen as a world-class water amusement park in later July after a 9-month closed-door renovation.

The National Aquatic Center, the venue where the swimming and diving events of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games were held, earned the reputable nickname "Water Cube" for its unique design and appearance. Moreover, what impressed people are not only its creative construction and advanced facilities but also the miracles it had boasted. The famous American swimmer Michael Phelps won 8 Olympic gold medals and 20 swimming world records were broken at the pool inside this Magic Cube. With its famed neighbor Bird's Nest, Water Cube has become a must-see in the Beijing Olympic Village after the big sports event.

Water Cube had undergone extensive renovations for the post-Olympic operation since last October. According to the renovation blueprint, the new Cube is featured with an indoor water park covering an area of 10,000 square meters. Wave machines, seven-story high slides, and kinds of other water amusement facilities will be installed. It is said to be the largest and most advanced aquatic water amusement park in China. Besides, shopping arcades, cafes and performance stages will be built inside the complex as well, in order to provide more quality services to its visitors. Upon its completion, the new Happy Magic Water Cube will be an attraction that Beijing people can be proud of, said one of the venue operators.

However, Water Cube will stop selling tickets for public tours after reopening. Instead, visitors could buy new entry tickets to enter the cube and enjoy the water amusing programs, but the admission fee has not been confirmed officially.

Other Olympic venues including the archery range, tennis courts, and hockey rink inNorth Olympic Forest Park will reopen to the public at the end of this month.

Taking a Beijing tour to Water Cube to enjoy the water programs in the hot summer would be a wise choice.

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