World Horticultural Expo Xi'an, China

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The World Horticultural Expo will be held in Xi'an, China from April 28th, 2011 to October 22nd, 2011. That is a six-month window of opportunity for any keen gardeners or horticulturalists who would like to see amazing displays of the latest plants and plant technologies in the extensive purpose built grounds.


The design of the site was put out to international competition and won by Plasma Studio architects. Their master plan, entitled Flowing Gardens, takes Circulation as its key factor. A single stream enters the grounds and then diverges much as a river does on entering its delta. The water enters a lake but this is not the end; that same water is cleaned naturally by reed beds and then reused in the irrigation systems that keep the whole in pristine condition.


There will be a formal gate building that allows access to the site. This is positioned so as to give visitors a side-on view of the main axis and therefore an idea of the layout.


The 2011 World Horticultural Expo is themed as “Eternal Pease & Harmony between Nature & Mankind, Nurturing the Future Earth” It will be held on a new site in Chanba District, between the airport and the downtown. The expo is expected to bring some 10 million visitors to Xi'an (50,000 per day on average, though 200,000 are expected on peak days). Our company Tang Dynasty Tours has a great experience on Xi'an tours and if you are interesting about the World Horticultural Expo or anything about Xi'an, please let us know and we will definitely make you satisfied.

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