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Wuyi Shan Makes List of World Happiest Places

Wuyi Shan, also called Mount Wuyi or Mt.Wuyishan, was honorably placed in the list of the top 10 happiest places onearth by Lonely Planet, the world's largest travel guide book and traveler's onlinecommunity, digital media publisher as well.

Wuyi Shan shares the honor with other 9 places, including beautiful Pacific island Vanuatu, hilarious Montreal of Canda, self-claimed "town without a frown" Happy of Texas in USA, the on-land paradize Bhutan, tropic Coloumbia, the "warm heart of Africa" Malawi, Andorra, the northern European highlands Denmark and Hidakagwa of Japan.

In the appreciative comment of Wuyi Shan,Lonely Planet says as follows.

Despite its winsome name, Tian Xin Yong Le(the Ever-Happy Temple) is surrounded by drink sellers and an unromantic carpark. Still, it's no surprise that the building is perpetually cheerful. Thetemple in Fujian Province's rugged north sits in a realm of secret valleyssplashed with waterfalls and pocked with mysterious caves. Use hewn rock stepsto explore, skirting tea bushes and bamboo groves to access Water Curtain Caveand Heavenly Tour Peak. Or take to the water - simple rafts topped with rattanchairs will float you down Nine Twists River, while guides point out the4000-year-old niches carved in the cliff faces above. (Quote from LonelyPlanet) 

For nature and outdoor activities lovers,Wuyi Shan is an absolute they should not miss in China. Outlandish mountains, appallingcliffs, thriving forests, limpid waters and fresh air, the mountain offers muchmore for visitors to enjoy trekking, climbing, kayaking or just take aleisurable stroll in the nature.

Rafting the Jiuqu River is definitely life-time experience.   Waterfalls at the mountain is enchanting and cool.

Chinese culture fans could also find the antiqueEver Happy Temple (Tianxin Yongle Temple), Taoist's holy land Wuyi Palace andseveral other serene old temples, each could tells you long but admirablelegends and history. Traditional Chinese architectures, sculptures, gardeningand the peaceful atmospheres will make you feel at ease, physically and spiritually,especially after sipping some China best teas in a hundred-year-old pavilion.

Travel tips:

Visitors should explore Wuyi Shan midweek to avoid tourist crowds; boattrips depart from Xing Cun and last one hour.

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