China Odyssey Tours Invited to Attend the 9th China Xinjiang International Tour Festival

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The 9th China Xinjiang International Tour Festival was held in Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang on June 20, 2013. The festival laid emphasis on the investigation and promotion of big Kanas ecotourism in North Xinjiang and cultural tourism in South Xinjiang, to further boost Xinjiang tourism. China Odyssey Tours was invited by the Xinjiang Tourism Bureau to attend the tourism promotion conference and investigate the major tourist attractions in North Xinjiang.

Xinjiang: a fairyland different from the rest of China

Xinjiang is situated in the northwest of China. This vast land has long been a fascinating tourist destination, with unmeasured dessert, magnificent snow-capped mountains, beautiful grassland, emerald-green Kanas Lake, wondrous Yardang landform, amazing Euphrates poplar forest, in addition, countless city ruins along Silk Road, sweet fruits, unique ethnic minority customs, and food.

Northern Xinjiang and Southern Xinjiang: scenery and culture

Divided by the Tianshan Mountain, the Northern and Southern Xinjiang have totally different expressions. If the Southern Xinjiang means ethnic minority culture, desert, and goby, the Northern Xinjiang boasts more amazing scenery of mountains, lakes, grasslands, represented by uncanny Kanas Lake and magnificent Five Colors Beach. 

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