Yangshuo Hot-air Balloon Accident Killed 4 Dutch Tourists

A hot-air balloon crashed on 14th October during a ride in Yangshuo, which is a famous tourist destination near Guilin, China.

There was a total of five Dutch tourists and two Chinese balloon operators on board. 4 Dutch Tourists were killed in the accident, and the other three people were injured. The Chinese central television news said the 3 survivors' injuries were not life-threatening. The balloon flew for about an hour and was descending when a fuel tank leak caused it to catch fire about 490 feet (150 meters) above ground. It has been confirmed that the crashed balloon belonged to the Dongguan Meixiang Aviation Club license in September 2008.

China Odyssey Tours Announcement:
Due to safety concerns, China Odyssey Tours has decided to cease organizing all Yangshuo hot-air balloon tours. Resumption time depends on further safety evaluation based on the official investigation report of the 14th Oct. accident. None of China Odyssey's customers was involved in this accident.

Back Ground Knowledge:
Hot-air ballooning has become a featured tourist activity of Yangshuo, a scenic town near Guilin, as it provides spectacular bird-eye views of the unique Karst landscapes in the area.

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