Ming Qing Street in Pingyao

The Pingyao ancient town is made up of four main streets, eight narrow streets, and seventy-two alleys. It takes on the eight diagrams designed on the tortoise shell. The streets and alleys are interlaced in perfect order and have distinctive primary and secondary. The elegant buildings are in succession and the dense enclosures echo closely. The streets are not wide.

With the disturbances of two hundred years, this ancient town has been old, but its soul is always there. There is a deep track prink on every threshold of a decent shop. You can imagine how flourishing it is and how heavy the traffic is. There are chariots and horses from different parts of China. They carried money, risks, pride, and all the customs and dialects of China. They also carried the smooth national economy of the South and the North.

Ming and Qing Street in Pingyao Ming and Qing Street in Pingyao

The Ming and Qing Street is an important relic-preservation unit in Shanxi province. In the old days, the market building was built in order to develop commerce. In the past, there were three markets in one day, that is, the morning market, the noon market, and the evening market. So the market building is the center of commerce in Pingyao town. The market building was redecorated in 1688, and it had been amended later.

It is 18.5 meters tall and has three floors. On the first floor, there are the brick foundation, brick wall, two doors on the east and west, porches around, and pillars. On the second floor, there is a shrine in it. On the roof, there are ceilings and colorful glazed tiles. It is a unique high-rise building like a pavilion. Over many years, the market building is undivided with the ancient City Wall. These two sights are the symbols of Pingyao ancient town. Ascending step by step, you can get a grand overlook of the Pingyao ancient city. Maybe you want to write a poem when you are on top of it.

Ancient City Wall in PingyaoAncient City Wall in Pingyao

The Ming and Qing Street is in South Street in Pingyao. This street has been the commercial center of Pingyao town since ancient times. There are many antiquated buildings on the two sides of the street. Walking down this street, you will feel that time will come again. The street front is not wide. There are all kinds of small shops on the two sides of this street in rows. These small shops are all wood and brick. Some sell Pingyao special local products, some sell special snacks, and some sell souvenirs.

In this street, you can also find some signboards that only can be seen on TV, such as Biao Ju (a kind of Security Company, that protects guests' lives and wealth). Going into the Biao Ju, you can know the history of it. You can choose some interesting small articles with reasonable prices, such as the old modal bibelots and ancient clocks. They are the best gifts to give to friends and relatives, and you can keep them as a memory.

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