Tips and FAQs of Pingyao Travel

The best time to visit, handy packing tips, and some knowledge about the local cuisines, vehicles, and accommodations, check out these handy Pingyao travel tips before your China tour!

When Is the Best Time to Travel There?

Pingyao is located in a warm temperate zone and has a continental and monsoon climate. It has distinctive four seasons and quite diverse weather year-round. Winter is usually cold, and summer is usually hot. So the best time to travel to Pingyao is spring and fall.

Ancient City of Pingyao, AutumnAncient City of Pingyao, Autumn

What Should I Take Along While Traveling to Pingyao?

It is recommended that you bring comfortable shoes when traveling to Pingyao. You will undoubtedly be doing a lot of walking, so comfortable shoes are a must. Sunscreen is recommended, as well as carrying bottled water with you. If you are a photography lover, do not forget your camera, film, and batteries, or you will never forgive yourself.

What Kind of Vehicles Are Available for Getting Around in Pingyao?

In Pingyao, there are many options for getting around, such as taxis, buses, minibusses, pedicabs and of course your private car.

What Are Accommodations Like?

Pingyao is a small town, so there are no star-rated hotels in Pingyao. At the same time, there are a lot of guesthouses available. Although they lack many of the amenities found in star-rated hotels, the guesthouses are family-run and quite clean.

What Cuisine Options Are There in Pingyao?

The cuisine available in Pingyao is quite diverse. In Pingyao, the local food has an almost endless variety and is far more delicious than anything you can find in a "Chinese" restaurant in the west. We highly suggest you try the foods. We are fairly certain you will love it.

Local Cuisine in PingyaoLocal Cuisine in Pingyao

What Are the Currency and the ATM System in Pingyao Like?

Foreign currencies cannot be used directly in Pingyao, but you can exchange your money at the many Bank of China outlets throughout the province. Your hotels also can change money for you and ATMs are easy to find.

Will There Be Problems with the Language Barrier?

Visitors to Pingyao do not need to worry about the language barrier. Each visitor will have an English-speaking tour guide.

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